The Transient Collage of The New Surrealist Maximillion.

How do these strange, hauntingly beautiful images come into being? Rumour and conjecture abound. Some say they are created as if in a trance - channelling the the spirits of !8th & 19th century malcontents. On what scale and in what theatrical space, do these images inhabit? What is real? What is illusion or hallucination? 

Transient collage begins with objects that have lost their original meaning, identity and value, and are given new life to reanimate the ghosts of people from another epoch. The themes that are explored in these artworks (repressed Victorian sexuality; slavery; imperialism; perversion; hallucination; opium smoking; obsession with molluscs, crustaceans and creatures from another realm) emerge from the primordial mind-soup, and evolve to take form, as the alchemy is enacted. Then, these images and forms are assembled and enter into a theatrical space where time shifts and distorts, producing these hauntingly ethereal and beautiful images, seemingly at random yet meticulously choreographed. Thus the Transient collages of The New Surrealist Maximillion delineate the fine line that separates this reality from ‘the other’. 21st century technology intrudes to take an iPhone ‘selfie’ of the collage and so steals it’s soul. Finally as the counter to creation, comes the destruction. Shiva-like in its intensity and fury - burning and beheading the collage, into the dust and dirt from whence it came…

All that remain are these prints, these melt-in-the-mind Transient collages - you owe it to yourself to own one, install it in your home and Enter the World of Dreams…


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