Surreal extravaganza featuring the art of Maximillion

The Cabaret of Dreams’ debut show sold out Nottinghams’ Spigeltent to a diverse audience of over 400 revellers and in their surreal attire. They were amazed and thrilled to enter the ‘world of dreams...’

Read all about it below and keep a lookout for the next event here.

New Surrealist artist Maximillion and Nottingham music promoters I’m Not From London present ‘Cabaret of Dreams’ a surreal extravaganza for it’s premiere performance at the Speigeltent, Nottingham on Saturday May 18th 2019. The show is curated by Maximillion and will prominently feature his surreal art and film projections, as well as live music, dance, distorted drag, puppetry and DJ soundscapes, creating an immersive artistic and theatrical experience.

Compere for the evening will be Bernie Embers a ghost performer channeling the spirits of long dead comedians via a routine on the seven deadly sins, with explosive consequences! There will be live music from surreal American one man band Thomas Truax, (a New York maverick who makes and plays his own instruments such as ‘The Hornicator’ and whose music has been described as ‘outsider’ and ‘steampunk.’) ; Spiky electronic duo - Arch Femmesis, fronted by an ‘Anglo-Danish Alien’ with a talent for an outlandish costume and songs delivered with acerbic wit. Headlining the musical mayhem will be 10 piece Balkan brass madcap dance ensemble The Destroyers. The aural equivalent of mexican insanity peppers! Also Nottingham’s fabulous drag queen GlitterHawk (Dirty Filthy Sexy) and dancer and performance artist Zera Tonin will perform new work alongside Maximillion’s surreal images. In addition lookout for the strange flutterings of The Ersatz Museum’s ‘Moth Man’.

This show is intended for those intrigued by the mysterious, the unknowable, and the exploration of alternate realities via art and theatre...come along for an unique evening you'll never forget. The audience are encouraged to dress ‘surreal’ for the evening, prizes for the most outlandish!

    EXHIBITIONs & events

Poster Exhibition Malt Cross Nottingham 2017

Poster Exhibition Malt Cross Nottingham 2017


November 11-23  at the Henderson Gallery Malt Cross - Nottingham

The exhibition ‘Dark Matter’ draws together a collection of over 20 giclee digital art prints, from the original artwork of New Surrealist Maximillion. This is Maximillion’s first solo show in the UK for 31 years, and features the newly discovered technique of ‘transient' collage

The imagery used in these hauntingly beautiful prints, ranges from 18th century French portraiture to  1940’s and 50’s film stars and pin-up girls. Some works feature pop portraits reminiscent of Warhol’s, and though featuring embellishments of gold and copper foil, do not explore notions of celebrity, but instead offer the viewer a vision of unknown beings glimpsed in another realm. In these pictures bodies and faces are often obscured and distorted, sometimes by masks, found objects, tricks of light and a frequent motif of a spiral snail shell. Some figures have insect heads suggesting a Kafkaesque  metamorphosis, provoking a sense of unease.


February 23 to March 31 at Sobar - Light Night - Nottingham

Includes selection of giclee colour and digital foil prints and in addition Maximillxons surreal art film projections to coincide with Nottingham's annual 'Light Night Festival.'

August 11 to September 28th at HEART Headingley Enterprise & Arts Centre - Leeds

Open Monday to Saturday 8am - 11pm (Closed Sundays) 0113 275 4548  - Dark Matter II - framed prints for sale

Framed prints also available to buy from Meander & Mooch 6-8 Cartergate Newark Nottinghamshire Susi Wright 01636 361340